TuffinBelt® Pouch Belt

TuffinBelt® Pouch Belt
TuffinBelt® Pouch Belt TuffinBelt® Pouch Belt
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TuffinBelt® butchers' belts set the standard in both quality and function for butchers and food workers worldwide. Hand built in Australia. They are extremely tough and hard wearing. The belts are designed to be worn over a worker's clothes & apron, and butchers normally use them to carry their knife pouch and sharpening steel. The belts feature an attached swivel clip to carry the steel.

Tuffinbelts have been designed with health regulations as a focus. They are non-absorbent, are easily cleaned of fat and meat residues, and may be sterilized by boiling or disinfecting.

The belts are soundly made from high-grade 2.5mm (0.1in) spun colourfast red polyurethane (includes no PVC), and are fitted with high quality nickel-plated steel hardware.

A fixed hanging attachment comprising a loop of clear polyurethane cord and a swivel billet hook is used to carry a sharpening steel. The belt can be flipped over so the hanger sits on the right or left side. A knife pouch can then be attached to the other side of the belt.

Medium    -    fits waists 36" - 44"  (91.5cm-111.5cm)

Large     -    fits waists 43" - 53"  (109cm-134cm)

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