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"The Whole Hog" DVD with Peter Ford
nose to tail butchery ..
Code: 10388
Book - Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game
By John J. Mettler ISBN 9780882663913   This is the book for anyone who hunts, farms, ..
Code: 103831
Book - Home Butchering and Meat Preservation
By Geeta Dardick ISBN 9780074701133 A complete guide to home butchering and meat preservation...
Code: 10380
Book - Home Sausage Making
Home Sausage Making - How to Techniques for Making & Enjoying Sausages. From Fresh and C..
Code: 10384
DVD - Butchering and Dressing Lamb
Butchering and Dressing Lamb demonstrates the techniques of skinning and sectioning the..
Code: 10381
DVD - Farm Butchering and Sectioning Beef
Farm Butchering and Sectioning Beef explains the procedure for cutting down a side of beef and pr..
Code: 10382
DVD - Sausage Making with Peter Ford
This DVD takes you through the process of making delicious fresh sausages from equipment, meat, cutt..
Code: 10387
The Art of Preserving - DVD with Peter Ford
Dehydration, Cheeses, Butter, Relish, Paste, Chutney, Pickling, Jam, Bottling, Jelly, Antipasto, Jer..
Code: 10385